Collection: Glitter Gel Pens

Custom glitter epoxy gel fine point 0.5mm pens. Very beautiful & sparkly. The tip of each pen is the color of the ink. I will also send one black refill ink with your pen. You can put your name, Company name or phrase on this pen. I use multiple layers of epoxy to make it solid like glass. It makes the glitter shine & sparkle. Each layer must dry up to 6hrs in between layers. I make them as they are ordered. So allow a week to make them.  Buy 4 for $25. Will automatically be taken at check out. 

Please send me an email with the name you want on the pen so I can send you samples of the fonts using the name. If you don't see a color you want, let me know what color you would like. Or if you want me to mix colors in an ombre.  I will add more options soon.

The color on the screen may be slightly different in person.