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NEW MERCH Justice for Marshall Price

Check out our 2 new T-shirts for Marshall price. Beautiful glitter & reflective vinyl. Must see in person. So sparkly & unique. You can also choose matte vinyl instead of glitter. "TEA IS NOT A CRIME", is on the back of this shirt. 20% of Sales from these 2 shirts goes to Marshall's family.

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Custom made glitter tumblers, mugs, & wine cups. You can choose our colors or design your own. Very strong Epoxy & beautiful sparkly glitter.

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Custom Engraved Stainless Steel Tumblers.

We use a laser engraver to customize your name, logo, picture or saying. Just email me your designs/thoughts. I will let you know if I can do it. Thank you, my contact info is above in the menu.

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My cousin and I have teamed up to bring Y'all some "FREEDOM OF SPEECH", to let our voices be heard. Kratom saves lives & we need to fight to keep it Legal. Stand out in a crowd with our shirts. After all, we are advocates & need to start the conversation. Let the world know how Kratom saved you! We also do custom made shirts for any occasion. We love to celebrate the holidays. See Holiday shirt collections in the main menu. Everything is hand made in the USA by us. Thank you for supporting our business.

Please read the Return policy so you can make the right size choice. These shirts are Unisex. They fit like a man size. See size chart attached with each shirt.

New Glow in the dark Vinyl matte

Our first glow in the dark matte neon green vinyl. Awesome at parties under the black lights. Very light & soft feel. Kratom does help us GLOW. Thank you for being an Advocate by wearing our shirts. Hit the Vinyl collection button to check prices.

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Glitter, Holographic, & White Toner T-Shirt Collections.

Glitter, Holographic, & Vinyl Kratom T-Shirts

We use beautiful HTV Glitter, Holographic, & special design Vinyl to make... 

Sweat Shirts

KRATOM custom sweat shirts. Slip into a warm & cozy sweat shirt... 

My Testimonial

  • My Testimony

    #WEDORECOVER‘In 2008. I was diagnosed with degenerative disc disease(L4-L5) and epilepsy. That began a whole slew of different kinds of pain pills, injections, doctors appointments and pharmacies. I noticed I started becoming addicted to pain pills after I lost my house and my job in 2009 due to my health issues. All that and issues going on in my home life slammed me into a deep depression. From then on I couldn’t function without a pill. I’d be so out of it for 2 weeks out of the month because my 30 day supply would only last me a couple of weeks. When I wasn’t pilled up, I stayed in bed and only did the bare minimum in life until my next doctor’s appointment. My pill cocktail was Oxycodone, MS Contin, Soma, Klonopin and Fioricet. I was fired from my pain management clinic in April 2019 because I didn’t show up for a per contract pill count. I knew I was 11 pills short so I just didn’t show up!

    From May to June my kid’s father came out here for my second daughter’s graduation. I had already gone through detox and I think he helped occupy my mind. My plan was once we dropped him off at the airport, I was going to start looking for another doctor. Instead I watched "Leaf of Faith", a movie about kratom, on Netflix, on June 25th 2019. Now you can watch it on YOUTube. I learned that kratom is a Southeast Asian herb that many are using for pain relief and to treat addiction. The very next day I went to the local smoke shop and bought some Kratom. And here I am today, sober and staying sober because of kratom and weed! Kratom not only brings my pain level from a 10 to a 3, it also stops the opioid cravings and elevates my mood along with the weed. I am a brand-new version of the old me. I am a thriving and functioning mother and member of society again. Kratom and weed are the tools I need for sobriety. In all honesty, I am still amazed that I’m alive today. If you think Kratom doesn’t work, then by all means ask me how I am clean, sitting here typing this out. I and millions of others are living, breathing proof that kratom works! Kratom is FREEDOM, kratom is LIFE!

    Click on my Link Tree to see "Leaf of Faith" documentary and get Info you need on approved vendors to buy Kratom in your area. I'm not sponsored by anyone. We just want to help people get pure Kratom by 3rd party tested labs. It is safe to use verified, pure Kratom. Plus there are a few articles you can read. Thank you for supporting our small business. God bless and Stay Hydrated Y'all!

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  • Long Lost Cousins

    Two long lost cousins meet again. I am Carrie, Misty's cousin. I was born in Colorado & she was born in Tennessee. Then my parents moved us to California. So we never got to grow up together. I wrote them a few letters growing up. Long story short they moved back to Colorado and in Feb.2012 Misty's Dad died from a heart attack. I reached out to them & started talking to her older brother Justin. It was amazing. Like having an older brother I never had. He was so funny. At this time Misty was on her opioids and hard to talk to. It was like talking to a drunker Captain Jack Sparrow. lol I had no clue what she was going through at the time. She hid it & blamed her epilepsy.

    We were planning a trip out to Colorado for Christmas. I just had my 3rd baby in June. We were actually looking at houses to buy. Then I get a heart breaking call right before Thanks Giving, that Justin died the same way his dad died. All in the same year. Misty was the one who found him & tried to do CPR. WE were all devastated. At that point I wanted to come be with Misty & help her move. I was the one who packed Justin's room because it was gonna be too hard for anyone else. Plus it was where Misty found him & did CPR. I remember being in his room & not scared. There was a calm over me, like I was meant to be there. As I was going through his stuff I flipped a box & boom, my letter landed on the bed right infront of me. A letter I wrote when we were young. He kept it. To me that was a sign I was right where I needed to be.

    That night we went to dinner & Misty ended up in the hospital from a seizure. I never would imagine I would be in a hospital with my long lost cousin holding her panties so she could pee. All we could do is freaking laugh at this point & from then on out we became best friends. She has gone through a long journey.

    Then August 2018 her mom was on life support & Misty had to make the final call. My heart breaks for her. She was at her lowest. You can read her testimony at the bottom of our shop page next to mine..  But in June 2019 She watched a documentary called "Leaf of Faith" on Netflix now on YouTube. She then tried Kratom for the first time & it completly changed her life. She was able to talk clearly & think clearly. She can function & get out of bed. Just be a Mom that she wasn't able to be. Kratom has helped her so much & she is so passionate about keeping it Legal. She is completly clean from opioids & drugs. I am so proud of her. It's like a little secret, kept hidden because you know, the thing... lol I can't say more because you know, they are watching. But anyways....

    I came to her one day with the idea of doing custom shirts & she told me she had the same idea. So we decided to give it a shot. What better way then making something meaningful that might help others learn about Kratom. The natural plant that gave her, her life back. Sorry the story wasn't short. But now you know a little about us. We also love Holidays. So we will incorporate holiday shirts and we love to laugh. So we will have some funny shirts too. Thank you for supporting our small business. God Bless you.


    3yr Anniversary clean video